Resort’s Conference Coordinator Shares Passion for Food on her Blog

When Heather Poire isn’t busy making everything perfect for guests who attend conferences and events at The Inns and Spa at Mill Falls, she is home cooking up a storm and sharing her creations online.  Heather, who is the Inn’s Conference Coordinator by day, is also a brilliant chef and gourmand who whips up delicious meals and snacks, then posts her recipes on her own blog, complete with photos and background information on many of the recipes and ideas she comes up with.  But what makes Heather’s blog special is its focus—all the dishes are vegan-friendly!

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes is the name of Heather’s unique blog, inspired by the breakfast treats she and her partner make nearly every Sunday, along with the enjoyment of those special times.  Her pancakes, and everything else she creates for the blog, contain no animal products, including eggs or dairy.  Heather has been following a vegan lifestyle for almost a full year, after being a vegetarian for six years.  “The transition for both becoming a vegetarian and vegan were pretty easy,” says Heather, “the most challenging part of being a vegan is the lack of knowledge people have about this life choice.”

Heather has enjoyed cooking since a young age and says she has become more serious within the past six years.  “I majored in Lodging and Conference Management,” she explains.  “Part of the curriculum was a few cooking classes: Buffet, Line Cooking, and Service—those classes served as a strong base.  Vegetarian and vegan cooking was mainly self-taught.”  Heather says she learned a lot through cookbooks and blogs.  “The Internet is awesome for researching vegan alternatives!”

Heather creates about 90% of her recipes herself, with the other 10% based on blog recipes or cookbooks.  “Seasonal produce and farmers markets are the inspiration for most of my recipes,” she says.  “Fruits and vegetables that are in season and locally-grown are beautiful, and their taste surpasses those raised thousands of miles away for supermarkets.”  With regard to altering traditional dishes, Heather adds, “Taking a non-vegan recipe and veganizing it is so rewarding!”

The inspiration for Heather to start her own blog was “to share vegan cooking with family, friends, and anyone wanting to see how easy it is to be a vegan without sacrificing taste and flavor.”  When trying out new creations, Heather’s coworkers become her “guinea pigs,” and she shares recipes on Food Buzz and Food Gawker, as well.  She says she has encouraged several people to give vegan fare a try, including a few coworkers and her sister.  Some of her most popular recipes so far are the Peach Almond Upside Down Cake, her Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta, and the Peanut Butter & Jelly Cupcakes.

With a goal to “show how easy it is to create fantastic vegan recipes, share my love of food, and beautiful photos of food,” it seems Heather has accomplished all these things with her blog.  When asked if she misses anything from her pre-vegan days, she replies, “Surprisingly enough I don’t miss a thing—there are so many great alternatives and choices for vegans now it is so great!”

Carrie Reed
The Mill Falls Blogging Team

Photos courtesy of Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

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