Hermit Woods Winery to “Uncork” Their New Meredith Location

Hermit_Woods_Tasting_Room_001After only a few successful years, Hermit Woods Winery has outgrown its original location in Sanbornton, NH and has recently moved to its new home in Meredith Village. To celebrate the move, along with many months of renovations at the new site, Hermit Woods will be hosting a Grand Opening next weekend and everyone is invited! Continue reading

Oglethorpe Fine Arts & Crafts a “Favorite” in Meredith

If you’ve ever been to Meredith and the Mill Falls Marketplace, chances are you’ve strolled by Oglethorpe Fine Arts & Crafts as you’ve made your way by the famous waterfall. And chances are you couldn’t resist coming in to take a look at all the beautiful, handcrafted items that are on display in this open, bright, and airy shop. Indeed, the store itself is a work of art as it highlights the artistic creations of over 500 artists from across the country, and features pieces that can be used and enjoyed in our everyday lives.

“Oglethorpe Fine Arts & Crafts opened its doors in May of 1994 with a focus on quality American handcrafts from the beginning,” says Katheryn Rolfe, owner of this unique store, which is committed to showing people how easy and gratifying it is to integrate art-quality craft into our lives. The shop started in a space of approximately 900 square feet and has since grown to about 2000 square feet, with several small increases over the years as surrounding shops moved away. This allowed Oglethorpe to increase its space without having to move. Says Katheryn about her spot in the Marketplace, “I absolutely love my location with the views of the pristine waterfall and brick walkways.” Continue reading